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Archives for March 2021

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Pastor Post - March 31, 2021

New Testament scholar NT Wright has written, "Ask people around the world what they think is the biggest day of the year for Christians. Most will say, 'Christmas.' The true answer is Easter. This is the moment of new creation. If it hadn't been for Easter, nobody would have ever dreamed of celebrating Christmas." In fact, if it weren't for Easter, there would be no Chris...

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Pastor Post - March 24, 2021

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, one of the great days on the Christian calendar. We will take the Lord's Supper and look at John 11:1-44, which takes place just before Passion Week, and foreshadows the death and resurrection of Christ. Read through John 11, and ask the Spirit to take you deeper into the gospel. And then come prayed up for Palm Sunday, eager to worship the One...

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Pastor Post - March 17, 2021

This Sunday we will look at Isaiah 55. The title of the message is, "If You're Thirsty." In Isaiah 55, God is graciously inviting hispeople to come to him, to return to him. He is inviting us to a feastand the bill has already been paid by the Servant. You see, what we've studied for the last two weeks inchapters 52 and 53 leads directly to theinvitation of chapter 55! So...

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Pastor Post - March 10, 2021

This Sunday we will study Isaiah 53:6-12, the second half of the final Servant Song in Isaiah. It is truly amazing that these words, whichvividly depict the suffering and death andresurrection of our Lord, were written well over 700 years before his birth! I can't wait to dig into this text with you on Sunday, and take the Lord's Supper together, as we look at "The Suffer...

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Pastor Post - March 3, 2021

This Sunday we will look at the first part of Isaiah's final, climactic Servant song, in Isaiah 52:13-53:5. This is where all the servant songs have been leading Jesus is theServant who suffers and substitutes himself for our sins, so that we can be "Healed By His Wounds." We will take the next two weeks to unpack this Servant song, which runs from Isaiah 52:13-53:12. Th...

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