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Archives for October 2022

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Pastor Post - October 26, 2022

This Sunday we will be in 1 Samuel 21-24, and talking about "Life On The Run." This is a period of time when David is quite literally running for his life. Saul is chasing himhunting himwith all the power of the state behind him. It is a bleak, dark time for David. He has been anointed as the rightful and future king, he is a man after God's own heart, and yet he is hidi...

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Pastor Post - October 19, 2022

This Sunday, as we continue to walk through the fascinating contours of David's life, we will look at 1 Samuel 18-20 and talk about "The Gift Of Friendship." This past Sunday, we saw that David wascatapulted into national prominence afterslaying the giant, Goliath. Remember the key difference between David and the otherIsraelites? They compared themselves to the giant,...

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Pastor Post - October 12, 2022

This Sunday we will be looking at one of the most compelling stories in the Bible, as we look at 1 Samuel 17 and look at the story of David and Goliath. I am calling this message, "Run To The Battle." When we look at familiar stories like this, there is a danger: The story can become overlyfamiliar to us. We can slip into the trap of thinking we know all there is to know ...

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Pastor Post - October 5, 2022

It was great to get a new Fall series kicked off this past Sunday. In David: After God's Own Heart, we will be looking at one of the central lives in the story of the Bible. David was not only a king, but the writer of many of the most beloved Psalms, and from his seed would come our Savior and the King of kings, Jesus. On top of all that, David's life is utterly fascinat...

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