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Pastor Post - May 3, 2023

This Sunday we will look at Luke 16:1-14 and Luke 16:19-31 and talk about "Echoes in Eternity." The decisions we make in this life will resonate forever, one way or another. This is a powerful, weighty passage. It is about eternal destinies, heaven or hell. It is about leveraging the one brief life we have, and all that God has given us to manage, for His glory. Read ove...

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Pastor Post - April 26, 2023

This Sunday we will look at Luke 15:11-32 as we talk about "The Way Home." This parable, commonly known as the parable of the Prodigal Son, is a masterpiece. Last Sunday, we looked at verses 1-10, where Jesus gives us the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin. In both those parables, we see the samepattern: Something of great value is lost A passionate search ...

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Pastor Post - April 19, 2023

This Sunday we will begin looking at one of the classic chapters of the Bible, Luke 15. Inresponse to criticism that he ate with "taxcollectors and sinners," Jesus told threeparables, back-to-back-to-back. They are only found in the Gospel of Luke. We will look at the first two this Sunday, the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. As you read over Luke 15:1-10, n...

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Pastor Post - April 12, 2023

What a joy to celebrate the risen King this past Easter Sunday! How awesome to see our church full, and to hear people praising God with full hearts. As I walked this morning, the trees were in beautiful, full bloomsigns of God's faithfulness and the new life he brings. Jesus is risen! What a blessing to see the new life we are seeing him give to people through the witnes...

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Pastor Post - April 5, 2023

What morning awaits us this Sunday! EasterResurrection Day. There is nothing like it, and that is why Christianity is unlike any otherreligion. We have arisen Savior and King. Because of that, we can be made new. Our past buried, raised to walk in newness of life, alive in Christ! We will talk about all these things this Sunday as we look atLuke 23:50-24:39and talk about...

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Pastor Post - March 29, 2023

This Sunday we will look at Luke 14:15-35 and talk about "Responding To And Following Jesus." This will be a great Palm Sunday text, as we prepare our hearts for the Lord's Supper. Can't wait to see you then! What a joy this past Sunday to celebrate the baptism of Angel and Jackie Velez, and their son, Angel! Christ is still building his church, and what a privilege it is...

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Pastor Post - March 22, 2023

This week, as we continue in our series,Tell Me The Story Of Jesus, we will look atLuke 14:1-14 and talk about "Pride andHumility." Pride is one of the toughest things we battle as believers, because it is so deeply ingrained in our sinful nature. No one has to teach us to be sinfully prideful! But Jesus calls us to humility, which frees us to live fully and joyfully and...

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Pastor Post - March 15, 2023

It was great to be back with you on Sundayafter catching a breather for a few days with family! I love our church and what God isdoing among us. This Sunday we'll look at Luke 13:10-21. The message is entitled, "Set Free By Jesus." Jesus brings freedomtrue freedom. He sets us free from the bondage of the enemy, the bondage of sin and death. This Sunday, we'll look at an ...

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Pastor Post - February 22, 2023

This Sunday, as we continue in Tell Me The Story Of Jesus, we will look at Luke 11:1-13, and learn about "Praying With Confidence." In this incredible text, our Lord teaches us about how to pray and to Whom we arepraying. When we know those things, we can pray with joyful, expectant confidence! Read over the text and meditate on it and be praying for the service this Sund...

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Pastor Post - February 15, 2023

This week in our series, Tell Me The Story Of Jesus, we will look at Luke 10:38-42. The title of the message is "One Thing." This is another passage that is unique to Luke's gospel, and it is incredibly important and powerful, especially in our time and culture. We live in an age of distraction and worry. There is an epidemic of anxiety, as our lives are pulled in so many...

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