Sunday Worship 10:30am

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Pastor Post - July 12, 2017

This Sunday we will continue our study of Acts by looking at Acts 18:1-11, “Strategy for Missions.”

As you read over these verses, which detail Paul’s ministry in the city of Corinth, what principles do you see?

Consider the following:


  • Why did Paul focus on cities?


  •  Why did he work in teams?


  • Were women key to the missions efforts of the early church?


  • How can husbands and wives glorify God by ministering together?


  • How is God the ultimate Encourager?


  • Why was Paul intent on not only evangelizing but teaching?


All these elements are crucial to understanding an effective missions strategy, not only in the 1st century, but the 21st century.

Speaking of missions, on Sunday night we will hear from our Haiti Team as they share their report from the recent trip to that country. God did some very exciting things in and through them, and we can look forward to hearing from them on Sunday night.

See you this Sunday!


By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 


Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.