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Pastor Post - May 14, 2024

What a joy to begin our new series in Daniel this past Sunday, as we talked about what we have to look forward to as we walk through this Book.  As we saw on Sunday… 

  • Daniel is a riveting Book.
  • Daniel is a revealing Book.
  • Daniel is a relevant Book. 

If you had to miss on Sunday, let me encourage you to go check out the message on audio or video.  It will whet your appetite for the feast that awaits us in Daniel. 

This Sunday, we will actually get into the exposition of chapter 1.  We will begin with Daniel 1:1-7.  The title of the message is, “Strangers In A Strange Land.”  

Daniel and his three friends have been taken captive, and marched from their home in Jerusalem to dark, pagan Babylon, where they will live as exiles.  As we talked about this past Sunday, we too are exiles.  This world is not our home.  So how do we glorify the Lord here?  How can we be in the world but not of it?  How can we avoid being corrupted by and conformed to this world?  How can we shine the light of the Savior in the spiritual darkness of this world?  

Let’s talk about it on Sunday.  Invite a friend to join you, and come prayed up and expectant about what God will do.    

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.