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UPDATE FROM OUR PASTOR (September 16, 2020)

It was great to kick off a new series in Isaiah this past Sunday.  Be sure to pick up a copy of introduction to the book that I put together for you.  We’ll keep plenty at church.  If you need us to mail you one, just let us know. Isaiah is complex in its structure, and the guide should be helpful to you.

This week we’ll focus on Isaiah 5:1-7.  The title of the message is “Receiving The Grace Of God In Vain.”  We are going to look at the tragedy of being on the receiving end of the amazing grace of God…yet doing nothing with it. 

Take a few minutes and read over the text, and read chapter 4 as well.  Chapter 4 is a beautiful short chapter, filled with prophecy about Jesus.  We will also look at this on Sunday.  (As we walk through Isaiah, which has 66 chapters, we won’t cover every verse or every chapter.  But what we will often do is go back and pick up key parts from chapters we don’t cover.  For instance, this week, even though our primary text is in chapter 5, we’ll also go back and look at parts of chapters 2, 3, and 4.  We will also look at some verses from later in chapter 5.) 

Also if you had to miss Sunday, please make sure you watch or listen to the message.  It will help set the stage for you as we study this amazing book together.

I’ve been working hard on the message for this Sunday, and once again am blown away by the power and beauty of the gospel, seen so clearly in Isaiah.

I’ll see you on Sunday! 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.