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Pastor Post - November 2, 2016

This week we will look at the second half of Mark 10, digging into Mark 10:28-52.

Once again, this text is about discipleship, or “Following Jesus On The Way.” As you read over it, think about the following:

  • In verses 28-31, Jesus talks about the blessings and costs that come with discipleship. What are some of the blessings we experience by following Jesus? What is a cost?
  • In verses 32-34, Jesus explicitly tells his disciples how events will play out once they get to Jerusalem. Yet in the verses that follow, it is clear that they still do not understand. How is this possible?
  • In verses 35-45, the request of James and John shows that they were still thinking about status, not service. What does Jesus say that helps us become people who are seeking to serve, rather than be served?
  • In verses 46-52, Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, beseeches Jesus to restore his sight, which Jesus does. His story ends with these words: “And immediately he recovered his sight and followed him on the way.” How is this the story of every disciple?

This Sunday we will also honor our veterans. All of us should be so very grateful for those who serve in our nations’ military. While we go about our normal lives, these men and women are putting their lives on the line to protect us. Their families are enduring deployments and making so many sacrifices on our behalf. This Sunday we will have the opportunity to say “thank-you” and to pray for them in our service.

Speaking of our nation, this Tuesday is Election Day. Maybe you are more than ready for this election to be over! I can relate. Maybe you are troubled by both major party candidates, and you are deeply concerned. Again, I can relate. But let’s translate that concern into prayers for our nation. Let’s not allow anxiety to dampen our joy in Christ. God is sovereign. He is in control, and He is moving history toward its ultimate fulfillment.

During another difficult time in our nation’s history, the great theologian John Murray said, “It is an inexpressible comfort in these days of upheaval and turmoil to know that all events, great and small, are embraced in God’s sovereign providence. Present history is not moving toward chaos. It is moving in the grand drama of God’s plan and purpose to the accomplishment of His holy designs and to the vindication of His glory.” Amen!

This election has made me yearn more than ever for the return of King Jesus. He is coming again, to rule and reign, and His kingdom will last forever. Until then, let’s serve Him with faith, hope, and love.

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.