Sunday Worship 10:30am

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Weekly Meeting Times


Wednesdays at 6:00-7:30pm (Meeting in the FBC Gymnasium)

Our Wednesday night worship falls under the title of Midweek. This is a time for our students to come together to sit under the teaching of God’s word.

This is a vitally important time for several reasons: First, it helps our students grow in their ability to understand and apply scriptural truths. Second, it allows our student pastor to have coveted face time with our students. Through Midweek we have the opportunity to immediately address their needs, wants, troubles, dreams, and desires in bringing God’s word to bear on these things. Third, it is a fun safe time of fellowship where we can build cohesiveness and unity in the body of Christ.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:15am upstairs in the Student Center

(During COVID please make sure that you are wearing masks)

Sunday Morning Bible Studies are gender and age specific Bible study groups that take place upstairs in the Student Center during the Sunday school hour. Often times these groups are the first exposure new students have to our student ministry.

We utilize the Gospel Project Chronological Bible study material. This Christ-centered Bible study for students will examine how all Scripture gives testimony to Jesus Christ. Participants will journey from Genesis to Revelation and discover how God’s plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture and still today, compelling them to join the mission of God. This facilitates opportunities for Parents and Students to discuss, mediate, and apply the same principles from God’s word each week.

Our Bible Studies are designed to facilitate discipleship in the home. As a student ministry we believe that Parents are the main disciple-makers of their children (Deut. 6:1-9). Our role as a student ministry is to support and assist the church and the home in this disciple-making process.

Coupled with this time of worship through intentional Bible study, there is also about 30 minutes of hangout time where students can eat donuts and orange juice and catch up with their friends. 

Home Groups (Not meeting during COVID)

Sunday nights at 5:30pm at our host homes. For more information contact us at

Our High School and Middle School students gather at the homes of some of our Student Ministry leaders each Sunday night. They will eat a meal and participate in discussion based small groups. This is a great opportunity for students to hear from each other, foster relationships, and build unity in the body of Christ. This is the lifeblood of the FBC Student Ministry!

The Mission
We exist to serve the church in making disciples by purposefully REACHING students with the gospel, GROWING them in the soil of God's Word, and SENDING them out in the power of the Spirit.


As believers it is first and foremost our desire to exalt Christ and follow His example. Jesus was in the business of reaching all peoples for the sake of the kingdom. His work of reconciliation was totally blind to age, race, ethnicity, and creed. It is our firmly entrenched belief that as followers of Jesus we are in the business of reaching others with the good news and welcoming them into our fellowship with open arms.


We understand that our responsibility is not over after we reach others with the good news. Sharing the gospel and making disciples are two sides of the same coin. We want to be involved in helping to cultivate godliness in our students through the study of God’s word. His truth never fades, fails, or falters. We will knit ourselves His word as the Holy Spirit does his work in our hearts.


Lastly, we will be senders. We believe that all Christians are saved to be sent. This means we will encourage our students to always be on mission. When their time in student ministry comes to an end it is our desire that they would pass the torch to their younger brothers and sisters in Christ. We desire for all of our students, past and present, to do what they do for the glory of God, and do it somewhere strategic for the gospel.

The Vision

We want to be Relational. We want to be relational in everything we do. Students don’t come to church solely because of our leadership, they come because their friends are here. We want to foster relationships and then leverage those relationships in making disciples.

We want to be Intentional. If students spend an average of four hours a week in church, we have to make it count. Everything we do will have a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to involve our students in fun and fellowship, other times our purpose will be growing students through intense discipleship and missions work.

We desire Simplicity. We want to fight against the idea that our effectiveness is measured by our busyness. Often times this will produce burnout. Our students have responsibilities at school, many have jobs, and still more play sports. Our goal is not to have something for every hour of every day. We want to use our available resources to attain maximum effectiveness. It is important to leave room for family time, impromptu ministry opportunities, and casual hangouts with students.