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  Deeper Life with subtitle

DeeperLife classes are in-depth discipleship opportunities that are offered at other times beyond Sunday AM Groups. These courses are designed to challenge you toward maturity in your faith and to a greater knowledge of God's Word as you seek to be a follower of Christ (a disciple).

We seek to carry out our vision of disciples making disciples through helping people establish four points of connection in their lives.

  • Connect persons to Christ through faith and repentance.
  • Establish persons in a mature faith and in authentic community.
  • Equip and mentor persons toward sharing faith and serving others.
  • Multiply opportunities to engage believers in making disciples.

Summer 2019 Deeper Life Classes

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Pastor David will be teaching on various texts in Scripture regarding the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.   We will focus on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

  • Teachers: Dr. David Edgell
  • Coed
  • Location: Goodwin Bld. G115— Adult 7
  • Time: Wednesday, 6:30 PM - Begins July 10, 2019
  • Cost: N/A

Fall 2019 Deeper Life Classes

Trinity - Essence of the Gospel

Scholar Tom Torrance provocatively declared, “...the very essence of the Gospel and the whole of the Christian Faith depend on the centrality and primacy of the [Trinity].” If Christ and the Spirit aren’t God along with the Father, “then all that Christ…did on our behalf was finally empty of saving content.”

In this class we will unpack why Torrance was right. To do this we will engage with Scripture, church history (particularly the 4th century), and theology. We will even attempt to understand how one God can be three persons. Our ultimate goal will be to gain a newfound appreciation for the Trinity and discover why it should inform our every prayer, act of worship, and engagement with the Bible.

Teachers:  Corby Amos & Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.

  • Coed
  • Location: Goodwin Bldg. G115 - Adult 7
  • Time: Wednesday, 6:30 PM - Begins Sept. 11, 2019
  • Cost: N/A

James - A Faith That’s Real

What is true faith? How should you live the Christian life? Each verse of this practical study is alive with instructions, admonition, and encouragement. Learn God's principles for dealing with trials, temptations, the tongue, and the pull of the world.

James is a short book tucked away near the back of the New Testament. Once you have skimmed its surface even slightly, you will wonder why James has not become the primary reader for every child of God who longs to know how true faith behaves. As the weeks go by, you will understand faith’s works.

Teachers: Lisa Amos & Beth Blanchard

  • Women
  • Location: Traylor Bldg. 2nd Floor (T212)
  • Time : Wednesday, 6:30 PM-Begins Sept. 11, 2019
  • Cost: $25.00

Gospel Conversations - Joining God’s Work

God created you for his glory to advance His gospel with the gifts, talents, and opportunities he gave you. You live at this time in history for a purpose bigger than yourself. In this study you will discover how to connect the gospel story with your story, and how to talk about that story in normal conversations with people you know. 

The single greatest obstacle for many believers when sharing the gospel is their ability to transition a conversation to spiritual matters.  We are around people each day as we travel, go to ball games, and stand in line at the store.  This class will teach you how to transition conversations by starting with the brokenness that’s all around us.

This class will give you a simple strategy to join God in his reconciliation work.

Teacher:  Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.

  • Coed
  • Location: Sanctuary
  • Time: Sunday, 6:30 PM - Begins Sept. 8, 2019
  • Cost: N/A

Financial Peace University

You’re invited to our Financial Peace University (FPU) taught by Dave Ramsey. FPU will give you Biblically-based principles and critical tools to help you save, dump debt, create a financial plan, and avoid financial mistakes. Join others for this nine-week course to discover hope and practical help in how to approach budgets, insurance, investments, and debt.

Facilitator:  Dr. David Edgell

  • Coed
  • Location: Traylor Bldg. 2nd Floor (T202)
  • Time: Wednesday, 6:30 PM - Begins Sept. 25, 2019
  • Cost: $129 for the kit (one per family unit)

Explore the Bible

In Ephesians 4:12, the Apostle Paul said that the purpose for providing church leaders is to EQUIP members of the body of Christ to carry out their tasks of ministry.  Each week we will be taking an in-depth look into the Sunday School lesson to gain content knowledge and process skills to teach and work with small groups.

Fall 2019— Ephesians

  • Teacher:  Kermit Hobbs
  • Coed (S.S. Teachers - Adult)
  • Location: Choir Room
  • Time: Wednesday, 6:30 PM (ongoing)


The registration is open each week.  Please come to the classroom and join us for the current study.