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Pastor Post - September 4, 2019

This week is an exciting one, as we begin a new five-part Sunday morning series called Who’s Your One?

For the next five weeks, we will look at five biblical texts that will help us personalize the Great Commission.  (See texts below) 

This Sunday, we will look at “The Call To Reach Your One” from Matthew 4:18-22. 

Also on Sunday, you’ll receive a 30-day prayer guide, as well as a prayer bookmark, on which you can write the name of one person you are going to be praying for, sharing Christ with, and inviting to church over the next year.  

Imagine the impact of our whole church doing this together? 

Also, this Sunday night, I’ll be beginning a Sunday evening series on Gospel Conversations.  Most of us have all kinds of hang-ups about sharing Christ with people.  How can we get beyond our barriers and hang-ups?  How can we transition everyday conversations to gospel conversations in a way that is natural?  And, once we get into a conversation about Jesus, what do we say? 

Any believer can learn to do this naturally and effectively!  And remember:  Just having a gospel conversation is a win.  The Holy Spirit opens the heart.  But we are called to open our mouth and speak of Jesus.  Gospel Conversations will teach you how.  If you struggle with sharing the gospel, this will help.  If you are used to sharing your faith, it will also help, because, if you’re like me, you are constantly trying to sharpen the sword of evangelism. 

It’s going to be a great Sunday!  See you then.