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Pastor Post - July 11, 2018

What a wonderful week we are having at FBC as I write these words! It is just a sweet scene to see so many kids on our campus, learning about Jesus in VBS. I am so thankful for Jeanette Hampton and our children’s ministry, and thankful for all our VBS volunteers, who have such a heart to serve the King. 

Be in prayer for the Holy Spirit to take the seeds of the gospel that are being sown this week, and bring them to fruition in the lives of these precious children. 

Also be in prayer for our students as they head to Mission Fuge next week. They will leave on Sunday, right after worship, so expect to see a large gang of Junior and Senior High students down front this Sunday! We will send them off to Nashville with our prayers for a life-changing week. How wonderful it is to know that God has graciously brought Wilson and Brittany on board to be able to go with them. God is faithful to provide. 

This Sunday we will dive into one of the deepest parts of Romans, chapters 9-11. We will cover Romans 9:1-29, and talk about the fact that “God’s Word Has Not Failed.” 

See you then! 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.