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Pastor Post - May 4, 2016

This Sunday we will study Mark 4:35-41, in which Jesus proves himself to be “Lord Over The Storm.” Have you ever felt like you were bailing water out of a sinking boat in the middle of a life storm? Have you ever been afraid or terrified by what life seems to be throwing at you? We’ve all been there. This message is for us.

As you ponder this text in preparation for the Lord’s Day, consider the following:

  • Mark gives lots of details: The fact that “other boats” were with them, that Jesus was asleep “on a cushion,” that he was “in the stern.” What does this tell us about the eyewitness nature of this testimony?
  • Some of the disciples were professional fishermen who had experienced many storms on the Sea of Galilee. What does their terror tell us about the ferocity of this particular storm?
  • The disciples seem to assume that if Jesus cared about them, then they would not be going through such an awful event. Is that assumption correct?
  • Jesus speaks directly to the wind and the waves, almost like we would speak to a misbehaving child. What does this tell us about his power and authority?
  • After Jesus speaks, it is not simply that things calm down. The Greek word for “calm” in verse 39 means “dead calm.” Again, what does this tell us?
  • Can you think of other times in Scripture when a raging storm suddenly ceased? Do you see parallels?
  • The disciples seem to be almost more terrified by the power of Jesus than by the storm itself. Why?

God’s Word is so rich. As we seek to mine its treasures, I think you’ll see things in this text you’ve perhaps never seen. Come prayed up and ready to go deep.

I want to say a word of thanks to our children’s ministry workers and our worship ministry. The children’s musical-drama this past Sunday night blessed my heart, and the hearts of all who were there to see and hear. Our children’s choir workers, under Michael’s leadership, are doing a wonderful job, and they are teaching these kids far more than music. They are teaching God’s Word and God’s gospel. Thank you, workers, and thank you, parents. It is incredible to see the present and future of the church worshipping the Lord and leading others in worship.

I’m already looking forward to worshipping our King with you this Sunday. May we experience his power and love in our lives, and trust in his power and love in all circumstances. We’ll learn more about all of that this Lord’s Day.

See you this Sunday!

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.