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Pastor Post - April 20, 2016

What an absolutely wonderful weekend we just experienced in the life of our church! Operation Suffolk began this Friday night, with between 80 and 90 students and leaders. Melissa and I were blessed to host a dozen High School girls and leaders, and I can’t say enough about these young ladies. They dug into God’s Word in their Bible studies. They engaged in deep discussions as they sought to understand the Scriptures and apply them to their lives. They had a lot of fun, laughing together. They went out into our community loving on others, ministering to people who are often neglected and forgotten. They came together with the other groups for worship. It was just a tremendous experience of ministry, and I am so thankful for all our fantastic Student Ministry leaders, and especially Michael and Christina. As parents, we are incredibly grateful that our children are a part of a gospel-centered Student Ministry at First Baptist. Wasn’t it great this past Sunday to see all those kids up front in their gray tee shirts?!

This Sunday we will move into chapter four of Mark, and study Mark 4:1-20. As you read over the text, consider:

  • What categories of people are in the audience in verses 1-9?
  • Why does Jesus not give the interpretation of the parable to the large audience?
  • What are verses 10-12 all about?
  • How do the four categories of soils in verses 15-20 correspond to people in the world today?

Parables are meant to stimulate our thinking, to challenge us, surprise us, and provoke our minds and hearts. They call for a response on our part. Are you willing to dive into this parable and ask what it says about God and what he is calling you to do?

I’m looking forward to Sunday!

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.