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Pastor Post - October 23, 2019

I am so thankful for Miguel stepping in last Sunday as we finished chapter 1 of Malachi.  The theme of faithfulness in worship continues in chapter 2 as we talk about “The Faithfulness Of Christ” from Malachi 2:1-16. 

We will see that Jesus is the faithful High Priest we need, as well as the faithful Bridegroom or Husband of the church that we need.  Again, Malachi is full of Jesus.  May he be lifted up and exalted! 

I’m also super thankful for Pastor David sharing this past Sunday about financial faithfulness.  Christ has been more than faithful to us, and we want to be faithful to him with our tithes and offerings.  Your Lord is delighted when you give cheerfully and generously.  That is because he delights in your faith.  He can be trusted!!  If you will, out of obedience, commit to giving a tenth of your income to our church budget, and give offerings beyond that tithe to things like missions and our building fund, God will show himself faithful to meet your needs. 

As we’ll see in Malachi 3, God invites us to “test him and see.”  He is able! 

I’ll see you this Sunday, as we worship him together.