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Pastor Post - April 17, 2019

Ok, the time is almost here – Resurrection Day!! Our entire faith, everything we have staked our lives on, rises or falls with whether Jesus really rose from the dead. 

This Easter Sunday we will finish our study of Luke by looking at Luke 24, as we talk about “An Open Door.” 

I hope to see you there, along with friends and family members who don’t have a church home. If you haven’t done so yet, just pick up the phone, call them, and say, “Easter is such a special time, and it would mean so much to me if you would meet me at FBC this Sunday.” 

Be praying for what our awesome God can do! 

I am also so thankful for our Palm Sunday Celebration this past Sunday night. God really smiled on our church when he brought Miguel and Leslee Yustiz into our family. Miguel and the entire team – whether singing or drama or playing or lighting or sound or all the other things – did such a wonderful job in getting us launched into this Holy Week. 

It all culminates on Resurrection Day – see you then.