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Pastor Post - April 4, 2018

What an absolute joy to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus with you last Sunday! It was so encouraging to see so many guests there. Keep on bringing your friends – we celebrate the resurrection and preach the good news of the gospel every Sunday. 

Seriously, did you ever think about the fact that every Sunday is a beautiful opportunity for you to bring lost friends and family members with you to church? You belong to a church where every Sunday a guest can come and hear the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. That means every Sunday is a perfect point of entry into the faith for someone in your life. Just get them to FBC, and the Holy Spirit can do incredible things! 

This Sunday we’ll dig into Romans 5:12-21, which is about “Death in Adam, Life in Christ.” 

Did you ever wonder about what theologians call “original sin?” What is the link between Adam’s sin and ours? Are we sinners simply because we sin, or do we sin because we are sinners? 

Those are some of the questions that arise in this text. Read and pray over it, and I’ll see you this Sunday. 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.