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Pastor Post - August 1, 2018

This Sunday we will be back in our study of Romans as we look at Romans 9:27-10:4. I’m calling this message, “Irony, Tragedy, and Opportunity.” Read it over and come prayed up. 

What a wonderful blessing to hear Wilson preach the Word this past Sunday! As he shared from Psalm 16, God can indeed give us confidence in the midst of chaos. I am so thankful that God brought Wilson and Brittany to us, and did so in time for them to go to Mission Fuge with our students. 

Our students gave powerful testimonies this past Sunday night about what God did in and through their lives at camp. Jeanette also gave a powerful testimony about what God did in the lives of children at CentriKid camp. 

When we look around our lost world, sometimes we are tempted to despair about the future. But what God is doing among young people at FBC should give us great hope. These kids and students are passionate about Christ, and passionate about the mission he has given them! 

I am grateful for the support our church gives to our children and student ministries. It’s just another reminder that our giving impacts lives. During the summer, as camps take place and mission teams are sent out, our church expenditures run higher than normal. At the same time, many people are away, and we can have some weeks where our giving is lower than normal. So let me encourage you to be faithful with tithes and offerings. If you are away for a week, and you are not set up for automatic withdrawal, make sure to make that up…the work of God and needs of the church go on, whether we are in town or not. 

Speaking of mission teams being sent out, be in prayer for our Romania team, which, by the time you read this, will probably be on their way. Lift them up to the Father.  

Be reading over Romans 9:27-10:4, and I will see you this Sunday, with a Bible in my hand. 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.