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Pastor Post - August 12, 2020

This Sunday, as we continue in our Summer in the Psalms series, we’ll look at Psalm 91, as I speak on the subject, “Fear Not.”  

Psalm 91 contains scores of precious promises about the protection of God for his people.  But what does this mean?  And what does it not mean?  Over the past few months of pandemic, this particular Psalm has been much abused by false teachers.  We’ll talk about that on Sunday.  This Psalm is actually far more powerful than these false teachers can possibly understand.  I’m praying that we’ll all emerge with a deeper and richer understanding of it from our study of it on Sunday.  

Fear is something we all deal with.  That’s why “fear not” is the most frequent command in the Bible.  God knew we would struggle with it…and he also gives us the remedy for it, which is trust in him.  May he use Psalm 91 to increase our faith in him!  I’ll see you on Sunday – 8:30 or 10am in our sanctuary, or 10am via livestream.  

Stay close to Jesus this week, and please be in prayer for people in our community who were impacted by the tornadoes last week.  It is miraculous that there was no loss of life.  But please be in prayer for those who suffered property damage or trauma, and be ready to help in any way you can.  

Also be in prayer for a few more requests: 

  • The explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. If you’ve seen the footage of this, you know it was horrifying.  I have friends whose church building was destroyed.  Pray for the believers and missionaries there, as they pick up the pieces and shine forth the love and mercy of Christ to others in their city.
  • My dear friend Drew, one of our IMB leaders in the Middle East. He recently had to return to the States in order to have a very delicate neurological surgery.  The tumor was benign, and his cognitive abilities were not damaged at all – a wonderful praise.  But he is dealing with double vision and some hearing loss in one ear.  The clearing of both these issues is necessary for him to get back on the field, and God uses him mightily in our work there.  So pray for healing for Drew. 
  • Pray for Miguel and Leslee Yustiz as they prepare to move to West Virginia. Pray for Josiah and Gabriela as well.  Pray for their new ministry there.  This Sunday we are going to send them off with our blessing, as we pray for them and take part in a special love offering on their behalf.  Come prepared to give an offering above and beyond your tithe as God leads.  We are thankful for this precious family, and excited about their new ministry assignment.  Let’s send them forth with our love. 

May the Holy Spirit work deeply in you and through you this week, sweet FBC family!  

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.