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Pastor Post - August 14, 2019

This Sunday we will be in 1 Peter 4:7-11, as we talk about “Hope and the Church.”

Read over this text in preparation for Sunday – it is a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ. What kind of church do we want to be? 

Let’s talk about it this Sunday. As we prepare for the 2019-2020 church year, I am super excited about what God is doing, and about what he is going to do, in and through our church family. 

Speaking of which, what an absolute blessing for our church to host a National Night Out Block Party last week! I could go on and on about things that encouraged me about this event… 

  • The number of people from our church who lovingly and willingly volunteered and attended.
  • The cooperation between churches.
  • The number of teenagers who were involved.
  • FBC people being intentional about getting out of their comfort zone and talking with people they had never met until that night.
  • FBC people having gospel conversations.
  • The racial diversity of the people who attended.
  • The visible support of city officials, police officers, and first responders.
  • The way people were joyfully loving one another after a horrific weekend of violence in our community and nation. 

It was just a huge WIN for the Kingdom of God. Even the thousands of people who were passing by on Main Street had to see that something special was going on. 

Let’s keep looking for opportunities to reach out to people.

Speaking of which, Who’s Your One? Be praying for them…be telling the good news to them…be inviting them to join you at FBC. Why not give them a call Right Now? 

I’d love to meet your friend this Sunday!