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Pastor Post - August 5, 2020

This Sunday, as we continue in our Summer in the Psalms series, we’ll look at Psalm 84 and talk about “The Pull of Home.” 

Read and meditate on Psalm 84 in advance of Sunday. It is another incredibly beautiful Psalm, which was sung by pilgrims on their way to worship in Jerusalem. 

This is a Psalm that tells us where our true home is. To an extent, we will always feel a sense of homelessness in this fallen world. At least, we should.  That’s because we are not home yet. Our home is with the Lord, in a place with no more sin, no more death, and no more tears.  

This is also a Psalm that teaches us about worship. May the Holy Spirit use it to kindle in us a greater desire for God and a greater love for his church. May we hunger and thirst to be with him and with his people!  

So pray for our worship this Sunday morning. Some of you will not be able to be here physically, and your heart is longing for the time when you can be with God’s people again. That is a healthy longing.  It will be fulfilled. We will not only be together again at FBC, but we will also be together forever as we worship in eternity. May Psalm 84 kindle our desire for both!  

I’ll see you on Sunday, in-person or online. 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,  

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.