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Pastor Post - August 22, 2018

What a joy to have a beloved brother with us this past Sunday! Sunday morning, we were traveling home from Florida, where we got Courtney settled into Palm Beach Atlantic University for her freshman year, but were able to make it back for his report on Sunday night, which was amazing. 

Sunday night, he asked us to pray for several things: 

  • The discipleship of new believers
  • That God would raise up leaders
  • For unity of believers
  • For more Bibles for distribution 

Let’s also remember his health and the health of his wife – it was such a blessing to have her with us this past Sunday, as well. 

Pray for Courtney and all our students who are starting their college journey. Pray that they will be lights for Jesus on their campuses. Also pray for elementary, middle, and high school students, and for Christian teachers – for all our FBC students and teachers to shine for Christ each day where God has placed them. 

This Sunday we will follow up his message on the mission by looking at Romans 10:9-15, which explains why God has called us to do missions, as individuals and as a church. We’ll talk about “Missionary Fire.” That fire should be burning not just in career international missionaries or on short-term international mission trips! Our lives are to burn with this fire every day, for we truly live in the middle of a mission field. 

May the Holy Spirit fire our hearts for the mission, and may this Sunday be a time of fueling that fire as we dig into Romans 10. Until then, keep praying, keep loving people, and keep sharing Jesus boldly.

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.