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Pastor Post - August 23, 2017

This week we will begin in Acts 25:23, as King Agrippa and Bernice enter an ornate hall at Caesarea “with great pomp.” Also present is the royal court, and other prominent officials. And then a prisoner, the Apostle Paul, is brought before them.

What does he say? Does he plead for his life? No, he pleads for souls. Paul takes this opportunity to share his testimony and share the gospel with the King and all the others!

Chapter 26 lays it all out, and we will delve into it on Sunday. Paul begins with his childhood, and walks through his life as a student of the law and a Pharisee. He then describes his life as a persecutor of the church. And then he vividly describes the moment he met Jesus. He then unpacks the glorious good news about Jesus – his death for sinners and his resurrection from the dead.

How does Agrippa respond? How should we respond? When God gives us opportunities to bear witness, what do we do with them? We’ll talk about all these things on Sunday, as we look at Acts 25:23-32. Our message is entitled, “Stand and Deliver.”

It was amazing to see so many people looking up at the eclipse on Monday. Let’s look up and gaze at God’s glory every day. And that’s what we’ll do on Sunday. See you then.

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.