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Pastor Post - August 26, 2020

This Sunday we will look at Psalm 112, which tells us about “The Good Life.”  This is very different from the “good life” of the American dream.  It’s not based on materialistic comfort or wealth or circumstances.  It’s based on reverencing God, putting him first, and centering life on him so that our character is holy.  This is a life God blesses.  

We began Summer in the Psalms by looking at a wisdom Psalm, Psalm 1.  Well, Psalm 112 is another wisdom Psalm.  You’ll notice some similarity with the book of Proverbs in Psalm 112.  Take some time to read over it and pray over it, and I’ll see you this Sunday, in person or online. 

Even if you are attending in person at this point, let me encourage you to go on Facebook or one of other social media platforms (if you are on social media) and share the sermons.  Each week, we not only livestream the service at 10am, but we also create a video with the sermon only.  Our goal is to get the message of the gospel to as many people as possible.  Hitting the “share” button is a super-easy way to do that.

May our Lord bless you and use you in these days!  May you be refreshed and encouraged in the Holy Spirit.  And remember, your pastors love you and are here for you.  See you Sunday! 

PS:  Thank you for the many expressions of love and messages on my birthday!  I’m grateful to God for another year to serve him, and my joy in what God has called me to do at FBC-Suffolk is stronger than ever.  Part of that is your prayers for me.  Love you guys!  Continue to pray for my walk with God.  Everything else flows from that.  

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.