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Pastor Post - February 8, 2017

This Sunday we are going to be talking about “Understanding And Sharing The Good News.”

Almost every Christian knows that they have a responsibility to share the gospel with others. Yet many of us struggle with that assignment, for various reasons.

One of those reasons is that we lack confidence. We are afraid that if we try to share we’ll get tongue-tied or won’t have the right words. Actually, we worry far too much about that. First, if we are obedient to tell people about Jesus, the Holy Spirit will help us with the words. Second, it is not our eloquence or “way with words” that wins someone to Jesus. Again, it is the Holy Spirit using the plainspoken truth of the gospel to convict and open the heart. The pressure is not on us, and we are not trying to coerce anyone to believe. We just get to share the best news in the world, and trust God to do the rest.

But we must share the good news! That’s what we are going to talk about this Sunday. We can do so in a way that is natural, loving, and clear.

If you love Jesus, you naturally want to share about Him with others. We’ll learn more about how to do that effectively this Sunday.

It is also imperative to pray for lost people. I hope you’re praying for at least three people who don’t know Christ this year, and looking for opportunities to share with them this year. Most of you wrote down the names of three such people on a card Sunday before last. I hope you are praying for them in your personal time, and this Sunday we’ll pull out those cards and pray for them together.

It’s going to be an exciting and equipping Sunday. Hope to see you there! Also, look for a brief video invitation to the service on Facebook, and hit “share” to invite your friends.

God bless you. See you this Sunday.

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.