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Pastor Post - January 13, 2021

This Sunday we will begin looking at one of several “Servant Songs” in the book of Isaiah.  These are Messianic passages that paint a vivid portrait of Jesus.  Most of us are familiar with one of them (Chapter 53), but there are actually four of them.  This Sunday we will look at the first one, in Isaiah 42:1-16.  The message is “Captivated By Christ.”  

Let me encourage you to read it in advance.  As you do, you’ll notice parts that are fulfilled in the gospels during the ministry of Christ.  

Of course, that ministry is ongoing…for our Savior is risen.  May our love for Jesus be taken to a new level this year! 

These have been difficult days for our nation, and as believers we want to glorify our Lord and present an attractive witness to our families, friends, and neighbors.  When they look at us, may they see people who are not captivated by politics or politicians or political movements or conspiracy theories or the internet or social media or cable news or talk radio…may they see people who are captivated by Christ. May our lives and our lips testify to who He is.  He is what our world needs.  He is what we need.  I invite you to pray with all your heart, “Lord, by the power of your Spirit and for the glory of your name, would you draw me nearer to you in 2021 than I have ever been in my life.  Fill me with your Spirit, and take me to new levels in my love for you and my love for others.”  

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.