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Pastor Post - March 10, 2021

This Sunday we will study Isaiah 53:6-12, the second half of the final Servant Song in Isaiah.  It is truly amazing that these words, which vividly depict the suffering and death and resurrection of our Lord, were written well over 700 years before his birth!  

I can’t wait to dig into this text with you on Sunday, and take the Lord’s Supper together, as we look at “The Suffering And Victory Of Jesus.”   

This week marks one year since our culture changed, due to Covid-19.  I am so incredibly thankful for how our church has responded to all these challenges.  

From the beginning, our members have been super supportive in their giving.  Even when our building was substantially closed last Spring, the work of the church was going on greater than ever, as we continued to impact our community and the world with the gospel – and even found new ways of doing so.  

Since resuming in-person worship and small groups, our members have been very responsible.  Although we have had some members who have dealt with Covid, our people have been very careful not to come to church when sick.  As a result, we cannot trace any Covid cases within our membership to church attendance or church  activities.  It has not been caught or spread through the services or activities of our church.  That is a wonderful praise!  

Let us pray that this pandemic will quickly come to an end, and that our world can get back to normal.  The quick development of effective vaccines is a massive answer to prayer.  In fact, it is a miracle.  As more and more people in our country and around the world get their shots, hospitalizations and deaths are dropping, and we are moving closer and closer to normality.  Let’s keep praying for it.  But let us also pray that God will make our faith stronger and deeper on the other side of this.  I absolutely see this happening in our church.  

I love each of you and thank God for you, church family.  See you on Sunday!  

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,  

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.