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Pastor Post - March 24, 2021

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, one of the great days on the Christian calendar.  We will take the Lord’s Supper and look at John 11:1-44, which takes place just before Passion Week, and foreshadows the death and resurrection of Christ. 

Read through John 11, and ask the Spirit to take you deeper into the gospel.  And then come prayed up for Palm Sunday, eager to worship the One who died and was raised…and who will one day raise us. 

Also be making plans for people you will invite to join you on Easter Sunday.  There are people in your life who need to hear the message of the gospel, and God wants to use you as his instrument in bringing them under the sound of the good news, which can be life-changing for them.  If you say something like, “Easter is a really special day for me as a Christian, and I would love for you to be with me to celebrate it” – many, many people will say “yes” to that. Allow God to use you in this way. 

I’ll see you on Palm Sunday, as we talk about The Power Of Jesus Over Death.” 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.