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Pastor Post - March 3, 2021

This Sunday we will look at the first part of Isaiah’s final, climactic Servant song, in Isaiah 52:13-53:5.  This is where all the servant songs have been leading – Jesus is the Servant who suffers and substitutes himself for our sins, so that we can be “Healed By His Wounds.”  

We will take the next two weeks to unpack this Servant song, which runs from Isaiah 52:13-53:12.  This is a perfect passage for us as we get closer and closer to Passion Week.  Take some time this week to open your Bible and read this text, and ask the Spirit to open your eyes to the wonder of the Savior’s love.  

See you on Sunday!   

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.