Sunday Worship 10:30am

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Pastor Post - May 25, 2016

This Sunday we will study Mark 6:1-29. It is all about “Missed Opportunities and Mission Opportunities.”

We will look at three sections in these verses.

First, in verses 1-6, we will see what happens when Jesus returns to his hometown of Nazareth. (It would also be helpful to look at Luke 4:16-30.)

Consider the following as you read over these verses:

  • Is the rejection that Jesus receives simply a matter of resentment, or is there more going on? (Hint: There is much more going on. See Luke 4.)
  • Luke 4 makes it clear that the people of Nazareth were offended more by the message than the messenger. What was it about the message Jesus brought that was so offensive to them that they actually tried to murder him? (See Luke 4)
  • What is the relationship between unbelief and unanswered prayer? What is the link between faith and answered prayer?

Second, in verses 7-13, we will look at the sending out of the twelve.

  • What does it say about Jesus that he sends others out to do ministry? What does that tell us about the multiplication of ministry? What does it tell us about how the church should operate?
  • Why does Jesus instruct his disciples to “travel light?”
  • What does he mean when he tells them to “shake off the dust from their feet?”

In verses 14-29 we’ll learn about the relationship between John the Baptist and Herod, and the martyrdom of John.

  • Herod seems conflicted when it comes to his feelings about John. Why?
  • What does this passage tell us about rash words?
  • What sacrifices might faithfulness to God possibly entail?

We will learn about all this and more this Sunday. Come prayed up, and invite a friend.

See you this Sunday!

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.