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Pastor Post - May 11, 2016

I hope you all are enjoying our study of the Gospel of Mark as much as me. It is such a rich blessing to walk through this scintillating narrative, seeing and savoring the portrait of Jesus that it provides.

In chapter 4 we saw that Jesus is teaching the people in parables. He is in a boat, and they are gathered on the shore, near Capernaum. This past Sunday we saw that at the end of that day of teaching, Jesus and his disciples start moving across the Sea of Galilee as darkness descends. Then we saw the terrible, demonic storm that raged that night, and how the King brought total calm with just a word of command.

This Sunday, we will pick up the action as Jesus gets out of the boat on the other side of the Sea. We saw this past Sunday that “the other side” was a place of spiritual darkness. That darkness will meet Jesus the moment he gets out of the boat. Read over Mark 5:1-20 in preparation for this Sunday, as we see that Jesus is “Lord Over Demonic Power.”

As you ponder the text, think about these things:

  • What does the fact that a herd of pigs was present tell us about the religious makeup of this area?
  • We saw last week that there was probably a demonic element involved in the violent storm on the Sea. Now Jesus is immediately met by demons, the moment he steps on shore. Might these things tell us something about Satan’s determination to keep Jesus out of this area?
  • Notice the super-human strength of this demon-possessed man. What did Jesus say about Satan’s strength compared to his own? See Mark 3:27
  • Does the fact that Jesus intentionally went to a place of spiritual darkness tell us something about our calling as his followers?
  • What does the transformation of this man tell us about the so-called “hard cases?”
  • Why would the people want Jesus to leave?
  • Why does Jesus tell this man to “go and tell” what has happened to him, whereas on the other side of the Sea he sometimes instructed people to do the opposite?
  • The transformed man was sitting at the feet of Jesus. He wanted to be with Jesus. He was sent out by Jesus to minister to others. What does this tell us about discipleship?

All these things and more this Sunday! Come prayed up, and invite a friend.

See you this Sunday!

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.