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Pastor Post - May 19, 2021

This week we will look at Isaiah 65, as we celebrate “A New People…A New World.”  This is one of the most beautiful and hope-filled chapters in the Bible.  I can’t wait to unpack it with you on Sunday.   

As you read this our students will be involved in Operation Suffolk.  Be praying for God to work in them and through them as they worship and serve others this weekend.  You’ll hear a report about it on Sunday.  

It is thrilling that we are emerging out of Covid, and that means our church, too.  You’ll see the ropes disappear from pews, and masks disappear from faces.  Can you say “Amen!!!!” to that?  I sure am.    

God is using the vaccines to crush this virus.  We need to understand how incredible this truly is, and what an answer to prayer it is. Typically, it would be several years before safe and effective vaccines would be available.  But God has done a miracle.  Medical breakthroughs are a good gift of God, for which we should be thankful.  

At the same time, let’s remember people in parts of the world that are still suffering with Covid, like India.  Pray for people in poorer countries to receive vaccines and help, and for this entire thing to be over in our world.  And most of all, for God to do something new with our world and our lives and our church on the other side of this.  He has had his purposes, and his work has gone on throughout this time.  In fact, I look forward to sharing IMB’s Annual Report from 2020 with you soon.  It is truly amazing!  But our missionaries couldn’t do it without your giving and your prayers.  God is using you, church family.  Let’s keep it up until He comes.   

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,  

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.