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Pastor Post - November 11, 2020

This Sunday we will finish the first part of Isaiah, as we look at Isaiah 38-39 and think about the subject, “Finish Well.”   

These two chapters are just loaded with important things for us to think about:  the sheer mercy and kindness of God, miracles, life after death, human pride and folly, and our need for a greater King than any human can ever be.  Thankfully, we have such a King!  And He can give us the grace to finish well – something Hezekiah did not do. 

After this Sunday, we will devote the remainder of 2020 Sundays to seasonal themes.  On November 22, we will focus on thanksgiving and what we have to be grateful for.  On November 29, we will focus on missions.  On December 6, we’ll begin a three-week Christmas series called Faces Around The Manger.  I’m excited about all of it!  

As I write, it is Veteran’s Day.  I am always struck by the selfless service of military members and their families.  Veterans and active duty, THANK YOU.  You are deeply appreciated. 

I’ll see you on Sunday, as we talk about how to “Finish Well.”  

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,  

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.