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Pastor Post - November 29, 2023

Christmas is coming soon!  I’m excited about our new Advent series, beginning on Sunday morning – Home For Christmas. 

One of the central themes of Scripture is that we are yearning for home.  The Bible begins with God giving Adam and Eve a perfect home…a home which is lost because of sin.  

Jesus, in his most famous parable, tells us the story of a rebellious young man who went away from home…far from home…but returned in repentance, and was graciously welcomed by a Father who loved him.  

The Psalms are filled with the theme of homecoming.  The songwriters of Scripture are constantly teaching us about what it looks like to repent and return to God, to the rest and renewal that is found when we come home to Him.  

That is what we are going to be exploring this Advent season.  What does it really mean to be “home for Christmas?”  We’ll begin that series this Sunday in Psalm 57, which tells us about “A Home For All Nations.”  

This Psalm was written about David’s experience of taking refuge in a cave, as he fled from Saul, who was intent on having him murdered.  It is an intensely personal cry from the heart.  But as we’ll see, David is interested in more than God saving his skin.  David yearned for God to display his power in such a way that He would be exalted among all nations. 

Thus, the Psalm also has a powerful missions theme that goes beautifully with the beginning of our week of prayer for The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  Our goal as a church is $60,000.  Every penny of this will be given to help men and women and boys and girls around the world to find a home in God’s arms through the gospel.  Pray about your Lottie Moon gift, and pray about this new series.  

This time of year is an especially great opportunity to talk to people about the meaning of Christmas and invite them to worship, where they can hear more.  

This Sunday night will also be a special time of worship, as we kick off the season with Scripture and song.  We’ll sing the songs of Christmas together…we’ll see how God’s Word is woven through these songs…and God will be glorified as we praise him with all our hearts.  

It's going to be a great Sunday.  See you then! 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.