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Pastor Post - October 17, 2018

This Sunday we will be in Romans 14, where the Apostle Paul speaks about “Unity in the Church.”

Romans 14:1 through 15:13 is all about unity in the body of Christ. In 12:16, Paul tells the church, “Live in harmony with one another.” Now, beginning in chapter 14, he gives them instruction on how that harmony can be brought about.

Scholars believe that one of Paul’s primary concerns in writing this great letter was to facilitate unity in the church at Rome, which was being harmed by divisions between members from a Jewish background and members from a Gentile background.

In chapter 14, we will see both the cause of the division and the recipe for unity.

Satan knows that a gospel preaching church is dangerous to his work in this fallen world. Therefore, he pulls out all the stops to divide the body of Christ. That’s why so much of the New Testament is devoted to the promotion of unity in the church. We’ll talk about it this Sunday.