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Pastor Post - October 19, 2016

What a wonderful time of fellowship this past Sunday, as we dug into the Word for spiritual food, and then broke bread together after the worship service! It was awesome to look around at nametags during lunch and see when others became a part of our church family. Some recently, some many years ago…but we are all one family in Christ.

This Sunday, as we finish our series in Nehemiah, we will study Nehemiah 9-10. What should we look for here?

  • This passage is about “Consecration.” What is consecration, according to Romans 12:1?
  • Last week, in 8:1-12, the people were called to feast. Now, in chapter 9, they are called to fast. Why are we called to both feasting and fasting?
  • Notice the adoration of God in 9:6-15. What do we learn here about God’s character? Try to spot the character traits of God that are mentioned here.
  • Notice the extended confession in 9:16-37, which walks us through the contours of Israel’s history. What are the big picture patterns of the Old Testament that we see here?
  • What action do the people take in 9:38-10:39?

I have greatly enjoyed this brief series, and I am grateful for your encouraging feedback. I am also grateful for your willingness to give toward the wonderful facility that God has given us. This Sunday we will have another opportunity to make our pledges for the next three years. If you have not yet made yours, then pray about what God would have you give. We are all in this together as a church family. Some can give more than others, but all can give something. God sees our hearts. He will bless what is given in faith, and bless the giver. And remember the gospel: We give because Jesus “loved us and gave himself for us.”

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, with a Bible in my hand.

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.