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Pastor Post - October 24, 2018

This Sunday, as we continue working our way through Romans 15, we will see something incredibly beautiful: “How God Is Creating A New Family.” Our text will be Romans 15:8-13. 

Last week, we saw that, throughout chapter 14, Paul was seeking unity among the Jewish and Gentile believers in the church at Rome. 

This week, we will see that God’s plan, all along, has been to create a new family composed of both Jews and Gentiles! In this text, Paul will take us back to the Old Testament to show that God’s plan from the beginning was to use Israel, not as a cul-de-sac of his blessings, but as a channel of his blessings to the rest of the world. 

For the next two weeks, we will see that God is a missionary God. His heart is always “to seek and to save what is lost” (Luke 19:10). 

Do we have his heart? 

Excited to preach the Word this Sunday! 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.