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Pastor Post - October 5, 2016

This Sunday will be the fourth Sunday of our By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations campaign, as we focus on “Celebration.”

Our text, Nehemiah 8:1-12, resounds with joy. What is the source of this joy? It is God. As Philippians 4:4 says, we can “rejoice in the Lord always.” Specifically, we can rejoice in God as we understand and trust in the promises of God’s Word. That’s what this text is about.

As you read and pray over this great text, think about these items:

  • Note that “all” the people were together as they listened to the reading of the Word. This gives us a powerful picture of unity as we place ourselves beneath the authority of the Bible.
  • Notice that it is not enough to believe the right things about the Bible. We must be “attentive” to the Word. What characterizes attentiveness to the Bible?
  • Notice that as Ezra read from the Word, others “gave the sense” of the meaning. In other words, they translated and explained the passages so that people could understand and thus apply the Bible. What does this tell us about the importance of expository preaching and teaching?
  • As the people heard the Law they had violated, they were filled with grief. Yet Nehemiah tells them to stop grieving and start celebrating. Why?
  • In what way is “the joy of the Lord our strength?”
  • What does verse 12 tell us about the importance of understanding the Word?

As believers, we have so much to rejoice in. But most of all, we rejoice in God and the promises of his Word. One of his promises is that we can never out-give him. Remember, and trust in, this promise as you pray about what you will give to our building project. The big date is Commitment Sunday – October 16. Be praying about your faith commitment, and as you do, remember God’s promises to always provide for you.

I’ll see you this Sunday as we celebrate our God and his wonderful promises!

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.