Sunday Worship 10:30am

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Pastor Post - September 18, 2019

What a joy it was this Sunday, to worship together and to again see one of our students publically profess faith in Christ!

God is working in our church – and imagine what will happen if all of us are faithfully praying for our “ones.” This Sunday we will continue with Who’s Your One? as we look at Matthew 9:9-13 and talk about “The Compassion To Reach Your One.” 

As you read through the text in preparation for this Sunday, remember who Matthew was – a despised tax collector, a white collar criminal, a traitor, and a cheat.  “Good people” wanted nothing to do with him.  But Jesus saw him not for who he was, but for who he could be by the grace of God.

Who are the Matthews of our world…of your world?  Will we avoid them in disgust?  Yell at them in anger?  Or sit down at the table and tell them about a Savior who can transform their hearts and lives?

Aren’t you glad Jesus had compassion for you?  May God grant us to have his heart of compassion for the lost!  Let’s talk about it this Sunday.  See you there.