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Pastor Post - September 7, 2016

This week we will dig into Mark 9:30-50, as we see what God’s Word says about “True Greatness.”

Perhaps on no other subject is the Christian worldview so diametrically opposed to that of the world. Then and now, “greatness” in the eyes of the world is all about power, position, status, and rank. We are taught to head for the top in all those ways. But Jesus says we are great in God’s eyes when we head toward the bottom, when we become humble servants, when we take up our cross and follow Jesus on the road to Jerusalem.

Think about the following as you prepare for Sunday:

  • In verses 30-32, Jesus and the disciples are headed south, going from Caesarea Philippi to Galilee. Note that verse 30 says they only “passed through” Galilee. They are now headed to Jerusalem, to the Passion.
  • Note in verse 32 that the disciples still did not understand what Jesus was talking about when he told them he was going to be killed and rise after three days. Why were they so slow to understand what Jesus said? Why are we so slow to practice what Jesus says?
  • Even as they moved toward Jerusalem, the disciples still held out hope that the Messiah would ride into Jerusalem to bring worldly victory and glory, to himself and to them. Why are we so attached to these idols?
  • In verse 35, Jesus does not deny that greatness exists, but he redefines it. How?
  • How does the little child help Jesus make this point in verses 36-37?
  • At first glance, verses 38-50 seem unrelated to the previous verses. But look a little deeper. What common theme unites verses 30-50?

I am loving digging into the Word with you each week!

See you this Sunday!

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.