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Pastor Post - February 22, 2017

We missed you all last week, but I am so thankful for Steve Harmon and the great word he brought from God’s Word on overcoming fear with faith. It is an incredible blessing to pastor a church with so many gifted teachers.

This past week has been one of “sharpening the sword” for me. I was able to attend a Pastor’s Conference, and to observe another church this past Sunday. The church we attended, and which also hosted the conference, is FBC of West Palm Beach, the church that helped develop the “3 Circles” evangelistic presentation. The sessions and workshops gave me some excellent training that will help in the evangelistic training we are doing at FBC, and also great training in some other things that will be helpful as we continue to grow a healthy church.

In addition to the conference, it was extremely beneficial to just attend the church, observe what was happening, talk with other pastors and staff members, and get some fresh perspectives. But we miss you guys when we are away!

This Sunday we are back in Mark, as we will be through Easter. We are going to be digging into Mark 11:12-33 as we talk about “A Mountain-Moving Savior.” We are going to see some amazing things in this text. Be reading and praying over it in preparation.

Also, many of you have seen the video invitations we are doing now for our Sunday services. If you are on Facebook, you can look for them each Friday and Saturday. They are less than a minute long, and on them I share a little about the message and invite people to come. Please share these videos with your Facebook friends. It is an easy way to let your friends know what God is doing at FBC, and an easy way to invite them to come. Obviously, it isn’t meant to substitute for your personal invitations to people, but it can definitely compliment them. We’ll also be doing short videos for big events like the one we did for the Chili Cook-Off. There are a lot of bad things on social media, but we are going to use it for God’s glory!

Can’t wait to be back in the pulpit this Sunday – see you then.

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.