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Pastor Post - June 10, 2020

Dear FBC family, 

This Sunday we’ll start a new journey in God’s Word, as we begin a new series, Summer in the Psalms.  We’ll look at one Psalm each Sunday this summer, and by the end of this series my goal is that you’ll be loving the Psalms more than ever, reading them more than ever, and praying them more than ever. 

The Psalms should be a part of every Christian’s daily life.  The practice of continually working your way through the Psalms as a normal part of your life is revolutionary.  As you pray the Psalms, making these prayers your own prayers, the effect is profound. 

In this series we’ll look at some different types of Psalms, and see how all of them not only teach us to pray, but also teach us about the character of God and his ways.  Furthermore, the Psalms are filled with Christ.  We’ll see how the good news of the gospel permeates the Psalms.  This is going to be a Christ-centered and rich journey this summer.

This Sunday will be our fourth Sunday of offering in-person worship in our sanctuary, and no one has gotten sick.  We felt that we could resume safely and responsibly, and that is happening.  Those of you who have come are doing a wonderful job of being warm and loving, while avoiding things like hand-shaking.  Our spacing worked great this past Sunday with two services, and we had a good, healthy balance between the 8:30am service and the 10:00am service.  

If you are in a vulnerable category and you are still watching on video, you should not feel pressured to come out.  We will continue to stream our 10am service for people to watch live or later on.  Furthermore, if you need to stay inside and you have any need at all, just let us know!     

Let me exhort you to continue to be wise and responsible in your normal, everyday life:

  • Wash your hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds
  • Keep hand sanitizer with you
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Don’t go out around others if you feel sick

In coming weeks, we will be making decisions regarding classes and meetings on campus.  With creativity, flexibility, and responsibility, there are ways of doing things that will not pose much of a risk.  Stay tuned to our website, social media, and newsletter for updates.

I’m looking forward to this Sunday!  We’ll look at Psalm 1, which is “The Gateway To The Psalms.”  We will also recognize our graduates in the 10:00am worship service.  This class of 2020 has been through a lot.  Be sure to reach out to them in any way you can, whether you are in that service or not.

As we move into new phases of this, we will remain unified as one family in Christ.  This crisis has brought us closer and made us stronger as a church, and I’m so excited about our future!   

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.