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Pastor Post - June 17, 2020

This Sunday in Summer in the Psalms we will be looking at Psalm 2, which, along with Psalm 1, is sort of an entryway into the Psalter.  Psalm 1 is about how we are to regard God’s word.  Psalm 2 is about how we are to regard God’s Son.  It is a messianic psalm, a royal psalm.  Jesus shines through clearly!

Read over Psalm 2 in preparation for Sunday morning.  The message will be “King of kings.”  

It was wonderful to be able to honor our graduates this past Sunday, and wonderful to see so many of you there!  Many more were reached through livestream.  This class of 2020 has been through quite a bit, with all the pandemic interruptions.  Pray for them in the next step of their journey, and most of all that they would follow the path laid out in Psalm 1.

As we continue to look at different Psalms this summer, let me encourage you to incorporate at least one Psalm into your quiet time each day, and consciously pray the Psalm from your own heart.  This was the prayer book of Jesus.  Let it be yours. 

I’ll see you this Sunday – Father’s Day -  in our sanctuary or online.  Love you all.  Stay faithful!     

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations,

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.