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Pastor Post - December 7, 2022

It was a joy on Sunday to launch our Christmas series, Christmas Wonder.  I’ve been working ahead and am thrilled about where this series is going.  I hope you’ll be present for each message and bring friends.  This is a great time of year to invite unchurched friends and family, because secular people are often thinking about spiritual issues during this season.  

This Sunday our message will be “Holiday Inn,” and our text will be 3 John 1-8.  The little letter of 3 John is all about supporting missionaries, and that is the theme of this Sunday, as we have our Lottie Moon Ingathering.  At the end of the service, you’ll be invited to come forward with your gift to the Lottie Moon offering.  Our church goal is $60,000.  Remember, every penny of this offering goes to support our IMB missionaries, who are working in the areas of greatest spiritual need around the world.  

As 3 John 7 says, “they set out for the sake of the Name, accepting nothing from pagans.”  Missionaries cannot expect support from people who do not know Christ.  Their support comes from churches like ours, who send them out.  As Romans 10:15 says, “How can anyone go and tell them without being sent?”  

Let’s send and support our missionaries on Sunday “in a manner worthy of God” (3 John 6).  Give on Sunday as if Jesus himself were being sent and supported, because your missionaries represent him and have set out in his Name.  If you can give a lot, please do so:  No gift you give this Christmas is this important.  If you can give a little, do that.  Little becomes much when placed in the Master’s hand.  

It was also a joy this past Sunday night to take part in the Christmas Celebration through Scripture and Song.  What a blessing to hear our voices raised on high to give honor to our King! 

This Saturday, come out between 4-7pm for the Christmas Village in our Main Street parking lot.  This is another outreach opportunity, as many, many people will be downtown for the Christmas parade.  Let’s meet them with love and shine forth the light of Christ! 

Finally, pray for our former pastor, Chuck Thompson in the passing of his sweet wife, HelenThis is a precious couple who modelled the love of Christ for our congregation in a wonderful way.  Helen went home to be with the Lord after a quick battle with leukemia.  She was such a Christlike woman, and she and Pastor Thompson were so much in love.  Remember to lift their family to the Lord in your prayers. 

By His Grace, For His Glory, To The Nations, 

Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.