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Archives for September 2019

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Pastor Post - September 25, 2019

This Sunday in Who's Your One? we will look at John 4:1-42 and talk about "TheConversation To Reach Your One." Jesus was the master when it came to gospel conversations with people. This Sunday, we will once again see his heart for the lost, and how we can have his heart for lost people in our lives. Read and pray over the text inadvance. Can't wait until Sunday, as we w...

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Pastor Post - September 18, 2019

What a joy it was this Sunday, to worship together and to again see one of our students publically profess faith in Christ! God is working in our church and imagine what will happen if all of us are faithfully praying for our "ones." This Sunday we will continue with Who's Your One? as we look at Matthew 9:9-13 and talk about "TheCompassion To Reach Your One." As you re...

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Pastor Post - September 11, 2019

Wow, what a wonderful Sunday we had last week at FBC! While we have not quite experienced the breezes of Fall rolling in yet, there is definitely a new breeze blowing at our church. How tremendous to walk into the Welcome Center and see ladies packing it out, having a great time at "Fill My Cup." Then, to seepeople baptized and committing their lives to Christ in our serv...

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Pastor Post - September 4, 2019

This week is an exciting one, as we begin a new five-part Sunday morning series called Who's Your One? For the next five weeks, we will look at five biblical texts that will help us personalize the GreatCommission. (See texts below) This Sunday, we will look at "The Call To Reach Your One" from Matthew 4:18-22. Also on Sunday, you'll receive a 30-day prayer guide, as we...

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Pastor Post - August 28, 2019

This Sunday we will finish our study of 1 Peter by digging into chapter 5. This may be my favorite passage in the whole book. We'll talk about "Hope and Humility," as we cover 1 Peter 5:1-14. Inparticular, we'll look at how humility helps us give things to God, so that we have less anxiety. I'm super excited about our next series, which is Who's Your One? We are going to ...

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